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Frequently Asked Questions
Regarding Public Housing

Warren Housing Authority (“WHA”) was created in 1968. WHA develops, owns and operates quality affordable and accessible housing that provides assistance to citizens of utilizing various federal, state and local programs. We own a total of 171 public housing units and 20 202/8 multifamily units and allocated 67 Housing Choice Voucher for Bradley County. Our public housing units consist of Kings Square West, Kings Square East, Bryant Court, Alto Court, Walnut Court, Walnut Circle, Halligan Circle and our 202 project is Twin River Housing Complexes.

WHA offers Affordable Housing communities for families and senior/disabled households, located in the Warren, AR. For waiting list information on each Affordable Housing community, please read below:

Elderly Housing


Family Housing


62+ Housing


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What is the difference between Public Housing, Section 8 and 202/8 Multifamily programs?

Public Housing is managed by local Housing Authorities. Individuals on the Public Housing Program are assigned a unit owned and operated by the local authority.

The Section 8 Voucher Program allows the recipient the ability to locate their own affordable housing across the city.

The 202/8 Multifamily Program is apartments designed for elderly/disabled applicants who are 62 years of age or older.

What income requirements do I have to meet in order to be determined eligible for assistance?

HUD establishes income limits and revises them annually to ensure that federal rental assistance is provided only to low-income families (80% of median income). The income limits are based on median income of the geographic area for which the limit is established, and are adjusted for family size.

Can I have a criminal record?

Yes, but WHA has established guidelines to determine the eligibility of applicants who apply that may have a previous criminal record of three (3) years or more.

If I owe a debt to any assisted housing program, can I still apply?

Yes, but Applicants who owe money to WHA or any other housing authority will not be admitted to the program until their debt is paid in full.

Do you have to have children to apply for housing?

No. Applicants are not required to have children in order to be admitted to the program.

I am currently on the waiting list for another program. Can I still apply?

Yes, an applicant may apply for any program that has an open waitlist.

Is this assistance transferrable to another city or state?

Public Housing and 202/8 Multifamily Assistance is not transferable between cities or states.Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers Assistance is transferable after being leased in Bradley County for the first year.

If I don’t have any income, can I still apply for assistance?

Yes. Any applicant declaring a zero income must complete a zero income form.

If I don’t have my social security number, can I still apply for assistance?

All Applicants who have not provided SSN’s cannot be placed on the waiting list. All applicants and family members must provide a social security card issued by the Social Security Administration or will be deemed ineligible until all household members applying for assistance, including those under the age of 6 (six), have submitted valid Social Security card (s).

What determines how many bedrooms I can get?

Generally two (2) people are expected to share a bedroom. However, when determining bedroom size required, the gender and age of the family members is taken into consideration.

How long will it take for me to receive an offer letter for housing?

The amount of time it takes to receive an offer letter varies. WHA will pull from the waiting list (s) according to the date and time of the original application.

How much will my rent be?

The Total Tenant Payment (TTP) is calculated using the following formula:The greater of 30% of the monthly Adjusted Income or 10% of the monthly Annual Income, but never less than the Minimum Rent ($50.00).

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